Episode 1 - Moving to Bundler


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Released: May 17, 2010, Running time: 36 min

In this episode:

Launching a new series: URLAgg updates.

We upgrade URLAgg to the latest gems and migrate from using config.gem to Gem Bundler.

Tags: bundler, rspec, cucumber

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We start out with a Rails 2.3.5 application, having a bunch of gems that are out of date, some of them still on the http://gems.github.com source. Using RVM gemsets helps us manage these out of date gems without interfering with the rest of our development environment

Goals in this episode:

  1. Move dependency management from Rails’s config.gem to Bundler.
  2. Upgrade all gems to the latest versions.
  3. Get back to green on all specs and features.

We follow the steps for using Bundler with Rails 2.3 and create our Gemfile to include all the dependencies we currently have specified with config.gem.

Next, we remove our RVM gemset to make sure everything is handled by Bundler.

Cucumber and RSpec have moved ahead pretty significantly since we started using them with URLAgg. Upgrading to the latest version requires us to run script/generate rspec and script/generate cucumber in order to get the latest configuration installed.

The upgrade documentation for rspec, rspec-rails and cucumber are also worth looking at for gothas.

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We made a mistake with how we included bundler and corrected them in Episode 5 of this series

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