Episode 7 - Cucumber, part 2


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Released: Aug 30, 2010, Running time: 44 min

In this episode:

Finish getting all of URLAgg.com’s features to pass. This concludes the upgrade to Rails 3 and Rspec 2.

Tags: rspec2, rails3, bundler, cucumber, capybara, upgrade

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Continuing where we left off in part 1, we finish getting all our features to pass.

We cover:

  • Refactoring the step definitions that are using have_tag to use XPath. At the time we were not aware that has_tag was renamed to has_selector in Rspec2.
  • More capitalization issues with Capybara.
  • Changing the way we access the currently logged in user from the step definitions, because Capybara no longer provides access into the controller the way Webrat did.
  • We rip out the admin section. We are going to replace it with Typus at a later time.

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