Episode 6 - Cucumber, part 1


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Released: Aug 30, 2010, Running time: 36 min

In this episode:

Starting the work on getting all of URLAgg ’s features to pass. Upgrading authlogic, dealing with the new Rails 3 XSS protection, install the dynamic_form plugin.

Tags: cucumber, rails3, rspec2, capybara, bundler

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Lots of features failing, as we expected after the upgrade. We cover the following in this episode:

  • Running rails g cucumber:install to upgrade the Cucumber installation.
  • Tagging failing scenarios with @show-page to open them in the browser and get a better look at why they are failing.
  • Use the rails3 branch of Authlogic from Github.
  • Install the dynamic_form plugin in order to get the “f.error_messages” helper back.
  • Dealing with case sensitivity after switching from Webrat to Capybara.
  • Escaping issues due to the new on-by-default XSS protection in Rails 3.
  • Changes to the way form_tag is invoked.
  • Changes to the way content_for works internally.


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