Episode 5 - Bundler mistakes


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Released: Aug 22, 2010, Running time: 13 min

In this episode:

We correct how we are using bundler. Correcting the behavior breaks some specs and we clean them up.

Tags: rails3, upgrade, bundler

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When we upgraded to Rails 3, we missed a line in our application.rb. This made it look like we had to explicitly require a couple of gems.

It turns out that Bundler would have required all the necessary gems if we had not missed the Bundler.setup line. Adding this line makes everything load up as they are supposed to. However, since some of the gems we are using are not yet compatible with Rails 3, we get some failures in our specs which we did not see before.

We proceed in fixing these problems:

  • Skip the big_sitemap gem for now, because we are not relying it too much.
  • Upgrade the newrelic_rpm gem to the latest pre-release version.
  • Use the “rails3” branch of the will_paginate gem on github.
  • will_paginate requires us to to a bit more stubbing.



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