URLAgg updates series

URLAgg has been our first project here at BDDCasts, started about a year ago.

In this series we bring the URLAgg codebase up to speed with the latest frameworks and libraries: RSpec 1.3, Cucumber 0.7, Bundler and Rails 3.

Once the upgrades are complete, we are going to migrate URLAgg from MySQL to PostgreSQL and deploy it to Heroku.

See how a comprehensive spec and feature coverage impact the overall upgrade process.

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    Episode 6 - Cucumber, part 1

    Released: Aug 30, 2010, Length: 36 min

    In this episode:

    Starting the work on getting all of URLAgg ’s features to pass. Upgrading authlogic, dealing with the new Rails 3 XSS protection, install the dynamic_form plugin.

    Tags: cucumber, rails3, rspec2, capybara, bundler

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