Episode 6 - Search, part 1


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Released: Sep 23, 2009, Running time: 53 min

In this episode:

In this episode we start adding the ‘searches’ relationship to Brand.

Tags: rspec, cucumber, mockups, haml, model, controller

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Before we can start searching for anything, we need a way to store these searches. The Search model will hold our search query, and will be associated with a Brand:

  • Search belongs_to Brand
  • Brand has_many searches

Searches are resources nested in the Brand resource and you can created and delete them from the Brand edit page.

Watch us plan our approach and then go through the red-green cycle with RSpec and Cucumber to make the features happen.

To see how we added the Brand resource, check out episodes 3 – Adding a brand, 4 – Creating a brand and 5 – The REST of Brand.


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I don’t know what happened to the video encoding for this episode, but the color is all messed up like it has been encoded at a lower quality. Could you please look into that?

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