Episode 15 - FollowUp flag


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Released: Apr 26, 2010, Running time: 0 min

In this episode:

We add a “Follow up” / “Done” toggle button next to every search result.

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Somehow the audio for this episode was lost. This means we can not produce a regular episode where you can hear us talking about how to approach things as we develop.

We are thinking about trying to cut it down to the essentials and do a voice over explaining what we are doing, in a more traditional instructional episode. We have to see how it turns out before we decide to post it or not.

Please let us know in the comments if you are interested in this.


There ain’t any video to watch in this episode???

No video because we misplaced the audio. We are trying to find a way to bring this out in some form.

Just re-record the episode

where is the download link? thanks.

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