Episode 12 - Google blog search - part 1


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Released: Dec 02, 2009, Running time: 74 min

In this episode:

We add Google blog search to look for mentions of our search terms in the blogosphere.

Tags: rspec, google, model, search

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Now that Twitter search results are working, it’s time to move on to other services. What were people using before Twitter to complain about stuff?


Google Blog Search is specialized in indexing blogs and blog comments. We want to query Google Blog Search with our search terms and aggregate the results with the ones we fetched from Twitter.

Google has a nice API available letting us submit queries and receiving back results in JSON format which we can unmarshal into Ruby objects and use to populate our models. Mocking the blog search API works similar to Twitter.


  • Google Ajax Search API – http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxsearch/documentation/reference.html
  • JSON gem – http://flori.github.com/json/


  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-16h25m45s136
  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-16h26m26s37
  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-16h26m30s81
  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-16h26m34s122
  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-16h26m45s230
  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-16h28m33s25
  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-16h37m30s21
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  • Vlcsnap-2009-12-02-17h12m13s115

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Isn’t there any direct download link for the file?? I’ve tried to get it streamed 4 times but still couldn’t .

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