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The Brandizzle series shows Istvan and Jeff building a social brand monitoring application while pair programming and following an “outside-in” development approach as described by Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

The audience is invited to become a third virtual pair as we use Cucumber and RSpec to drive our Ruby on Rails development. You’ll see real life development, not a scripted tutorial.

We’ve cleaned up some audio and dead space but you’ll listen to us discuss naming, refactoring, coverage and a host of other things that you could encounter in any project. This is how we deal with it, and how we develop.

To get a better overview of Brandizzle and this series, check out Episode 0 – Introducing Brandizzle.

Latest episode

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    Episode 17 - Escaping multi-word searches

    Released: May 08, 2010, Length: 15 min

    In this episode:

    We escape multi-word search terms before querying Google Blog Search.

    Tags: rspec, model

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