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Custom Consulting

Have a project coming up that you just have to get right? Maybe you just want to be sure that your in-house team can take over the project and not be left scratching their heads wondering what you paid “those consultants” for.

Developing your project with BDD techniques will result in a more maintainable code base but will also leave your team with a suite of tests. These tests both verify the application’s functions, document how the code actually works, and allows your in-house team to make changes with the confidence that they’re not going to break something without noticing it.

Code Reviews

There are a lot of reasons to have your code reviewed:

  • Fresh set of eyes
  • You’re the only developer on your team
  • You’re the only ruby developer in your shop
  • You’re on your own project doing BDD
  • Your team has started doing BDD and you’d like objective feedback

We’ll be happy to set up periodic or one time code reviews for you. Get in touch with us and we’ll work out the details.


Convinced that BDD is the only way to write software? Or maybe you think it is but you’re worried about the ramp up time for you and your team. We can help. We offer introductory and advanced training on BDD in ruby using Cucumber and RSpec. Contact us with details so we can get started soon.

Package Options


Get access to the BDDCasts team on a retainer basis. Purchase a block of hours, available in increments of 5, 10, and 20, and get email and skype or phone access to Jeff and Istvan to help you get over your hurdles.


  • Pre-payment is required
  • Only 80 retainer hours available per month
  • You may only roll forward 25% of your total package hours
Hours/month Pricing
5 $875
10 $1500
20 $2500


There’s a lot involved in getting a working BDD environment set up and running. Here are a few things you’ll need to take care of:

  • Coding environment setup
  • Continuous Integration setup
  • Static Analysis tools (metric_fu, etc)
  • Setup git hooks to trigger builds and notify of success or failure

If you’re trying to stand an environment up, we can do that with you. If you’re doing BDD but don’t have all the other pieces in place (continuous integration, or static analysis, etc) we can work with you to set those up.